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[INSPO] Tyler The Creator has some fashion advice for y'all

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[WDYWT] What am I supposed to do with my hands? Teach me how to pose pls

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[Inspo] Hip-Hop Fans in Singapore

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[WDYWT] Watched blade runner yesterday

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[ART] hand embroidered a vintage nike tee

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[WDYWT] Finally found a coat for short girls like me, not too bad, is it?

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[WDYWT] :)

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[WDYWT] WockStar

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[WDYWT] A post for the non Avant Garde sad boys.

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[WDYWT] trying out different styles because I haven’t found mine yet, what do you guys think?

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[WDYWT] fit straight frm uniqlo fr smh

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[INSPO] it’s... perfect.

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[WDYWT] New member here! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Can't waaait to see all your stylish outfits, here is mine from yesterday 😊

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[WDYWT] Doomer vs Bloomer

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[WDYWT] forgot to start daily fit posting here

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[MEME] The Crucifixion of Jesus (30 AD)

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[WDYWT] first post on here. Is it working?

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When you gotta slay them monsters, but also them ladies. [MEME]

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