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The very first photo of Linkin Park as a band, 1996.

Votes: 51,138

Pencil drawing i did of Charlie Day a couple years back

Votes: 11,238

Here is my great grandma with a picture of her when she was 20. Almost 100, half blind and on oxygen, but still kicking!

Votes: 5,862

My neighbor grabbed this shot yesterday afternoon of the storm passing through our area

Votes: 6,081

Keanu Reeves doing a most excellent Make-A-Wish

Votes: 2,828

Aya is excited to be one of the newest members of the anti-poaching patrols in the Tsavo Conservation Area.

Votes: 80,288

Your day just got better.

Votes: 847

4 years sober and clean today

Votes: 581

Lost my boy today. But I think letting y'all see his smile might help.

Votes: 2,353

Female flames

Votes: 511

Snowboarder Marco Siffredi beginning his descent down Everest on a snowboard. This would be the last time he was ever seen..

Votes: 593

A sailboat passing under a blood moon in Greenland

Votes: 1,041

My sweet 91 year old grandma makes these hats scarves and slippers by hand and donates them to her local hospital and church:) I love her!

Votes: 876

Wonderwall in Bruges

Votes: 377

Satan placed all the back pain relief products on the bottom shelf.

Votes: 136

Greatest photo EVER

Votes: 171

This is Flash Gordon. He died today. He was a sweet sweet good boy and I will miss his goofy smile.

Votes: 280

SO captured this picture of a bear.

Votes: 239

Final got proofs of my book from the publisher and officially listed on amazon. I feel more like an author every day!

Votes: 47,520

This dog watched me poop at the airport...

Votes: 333

Beautiful Vancouver!

Votes: 203

Three months of growth

Votes: 147

Early morning longboard sesh feat. The Grand Tetons

That's all folks!

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