Votes: 37,704

Prepare to die, edition

Votes: 40,691

How much do you weigh

Votes: 4,774

those people are Epic

Votes: 6,857

I feel violated

Votes: 4,794

Gaming table for D&D.

Votes: 24,943

Got priorities

Votes: 1,544

On this episode of hoarders...(credit to AdamTots)

Votes: 3,245

Finally the wait is over

Votes: 25,022

Geraldo Good

Votes: 1,642

My extremely talented partner painted me a custom PS4 case. Show her some love!

Votes: 2,133

Stay cool, nothing happened

Votes: 2,395

After solving a few puzzles in Spiderman PS4

Votes: 868


Votes: 3,788

True freedom is now in our hands.

Votes: 1,115

It has aged pretty well imo

Votes: 3,894

I felt this was fitting

Votes: 443

Next Level Gaming

Votes: 2,242

If there ever was a good reason to stop, this would be it (r/dankmemes)

Votes: 1,476

Took this shot approaching Athens in AC Odyssey

Votes: 804

The anatomy of a Pok├Ęball

Votes: 853

Get mcfucked.

Votes: 1,587

I've lived a whole generation of this game.

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