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There are two types of dogs

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DHL delivery guy hides delivery behind the pillar, and then on noticing the other package he decides to hide that too.

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Jessie is part of a program at a children’s hospital that teaches patients they shouldn't be afraid of procedures by showing them how it's done. To get through an echocardiogram you just lie on your back and hold your mom’s hand.

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Ate 14 Carolina Reapers to try and win a $1000 grand prize and a shot at the world record, ended up with a $1000 ER visit instead.

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Instant job offer.

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I wanna go tooo.

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The implication that this tooth has genitals...

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Prepare to die, edition

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A Michigan cannabis farmer standing with his crop in 1910.

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She gave the carpet an ass whooping in the name of the lord

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🔥 Tortoise eating a berry

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My brother (6'6/197cm(?)) recently moved to Lithuania, my mother asked that he sends a picture that was "undeniably him in Europe," this is what she received.

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Redditor steals complete post, promptly gets called out by OP. It's not even Halloween today...

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The very first photo of Linkin Park as a band, 1996.

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Accident? BRUH

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